Summer Dialogue Scholarships


Scholarship Application to Attend
ACDA-MN Summer Dialogue
Due by June 1

Scholarships will be awarded annually to Minnesota conductors for attendance at ACDA-MN’s Summer Dialogue conference which is held every August in conjunction with the Minnesota All-State Choir camps.

Eligible Applicants:
  • Minnesota conductors only
  • Membership in ACDA IS NOT required
  • Recent college graduates are eligible to apply
  • Current undergraduate students are not eligible
  • Previous recipients are not eligible
Award Categories:

Scholarships will be awarded to Minnesota conductors in the following categories:

  1. Full Scholarships (registration and shared lodging) for conductors with 0-2 years of experience
  2. Partial Scholarships (registration only) for experienced conductors who have never attended Dialogue

Selection will be made by the FMC Endowment Fund Scholarship Subcommittee.

The applications must include:
  1. A complete current resume, including complete address, phone, and email information
  2. A description of applicant’s choral conducting experience
  3. One of the following:
    • A Conductor Applicant — at least two concert programs representing the applicant’s work as a choral conductor (put the documents into one zipped file) — OR
    • A Student Conductor Applicant — a student conductor may include a recommendation from a supervising conductor/instructor in lieu of concert programs.
  4. A statement (within the form) of what or who led you to pursue attendance at ACDA-MN’s Summer Dialogue conference.


Deadline: June 1

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Please indicate the receipt of any previous scholarships offered by the FMC Endowment Fund. No individual will be awarded more than one scholarship within any of these scholarship categories: Summer Dialogue, Graduate Study, ACDA National Division Conference, and World Symposium on Choral Music (required)
YES - I HAVE received previous scholarshipsNO - I HAVE NOT received any previous scholarships

If YES then please list the scholarship(s) and the year of award

Please Note: Scholarship recipients are expected to make every effort to receive the full benefit of the programs for which scholarships are presented by being in attendance for the full duration of the program. Any extenuating circumstances that might make this impossible should be noted. (required)
YES I am able to attend the full duration of the programNO I am NOT able to attend the full duration of the program

If CAN NOT attend the full duration please explain:

Upload Required Documents

COMPLETE RESUME in .doc or .docx or .pdf formats,
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At least 2 CONCERT PROGRAMS zipped in a single .zip format file or LETTER of RECOMMENDATION in .doc or .docx or .pdf formats,
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